Ideas To Hang Outdoor Baby Bed

Outdoor baby bed – On a porch, in a living room or on a backyard terrace a hanging days bed is a warm invitation to sit, swing and relax. Unlike more common days, beds with legs, a hanging days bed is more like a hammock or porch swing-perfect for lazy swinging off in the afternoon. Hanging days beds consist of a simple wooden frame and mattress, and can be decorated to your specific taste. With a few simple tools, you can hang a day bed in your own home.

Ideas To Hang Outdoor Baby Bed

Outdoor baby bed, measure about 5 ½ inches from each corner of the day bed frame and feel like drilling. Drill 3/8 inch holes in each marker. Insert layer-eye bolts in each hole. A lag-eye bolt is a screw with a loop at one end. Stay four 3/8-inch holes in ceiling beams (one for each corner of the day bed). Screw the layer eye bolt into each hole.

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Outdoor baby bed, attach a quick link to the individual layer eye bolt in the attic and at the end of each chain. A quick connection is a small, strong metal link that opens and closes to allow for lightweight, robust connections. Position two saw bows under the ceiling layer eye bolt. Place the day on the bedside top of the bushes. Push each chain through the two layers eye bolt on all four corners of the day bed. Lock each chain to the ceiling fast links. Remove saw bushes carefully.

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