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Desert plants pictures and names – Many of these species are used in gardening in all parts of the world. It is very likely that in our gardens we have many of these plants. But, usually we have them planted in pots separated from each other. A desert garden consists mainly of plants and stones. Prepare a design of how you want the garden to be, in the space you have set aside to do it. Agave victoriae regina plant is surprising because of the variable shapes of its rosette and it is incredibly beautiful. It was on the verge of its disappearance due to illegal commercialization. But luckily little by little it is being repopulated. The name of this agave variety was awarded in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

Amazing Desert Plants Pictures And Names

The first thing you need to carry out this idea are cans of soda cut in half to reproduce the plants that you would most like to have in your desert plants pictures and names. Once the plants that you planted in the cans are sufficiently developed. Then the desert begins to be created. If we have the plants from before prepared or we have them, it is not necessary to reproduce them in cans.

The ideal desert plants pictures and names to use are the succulents. Because this type of plants are the ones that are adapted to survive in arid environments. And therefore, those that could give you the idea that it is a desert. The most suitable succulents for this idea are those of the families are Cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae and Crassulaceae.

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