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Garden bricks home depot – Let’s make a nice path together in our garden that will give a different atmosphere and help not to step on the grass or plants. It will be a fun project and very easy to make. Determine the area by placing 2 decorative bricks at the beginning of the road to measure the width. This will help you to have the same measure all the way. Mark the area of ​​the road with the wooden blocks according to the length. You need and with the nylon so that everything is at the same level.

Amazing Garden Bricks Home Depot

Garden bricks home depot, with the area already determined begins to prepare the ground, removing the earth all the way with a shovel leaving a depth between 4 to 6 inches. With the path already marked, add a layer of cement without mixing all the way and begin to compact it. On the cement layer, apply a layer of dry sand approximately 1 inch deep and begin to compact it to level the road.

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Start placing the garden bricks home depot all the way, use the tape measure to keep a uniform distance. With the decorative bricks, already placed, begin to fill with the sand the space between each brick. Use the broom to spread it. As a final touch place the record between the spaces of the decorative bricks will make an excellent contrast.

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