Awesome South Florida Landscaping Ideas

South Florida landscaping ideas – There are two challenges for landscaping in southern Florida. The first is the lack of salt tolerance of the plants. And also the other is the soil type. The most recommended way to overcome these challenges is to use strictly native plants, bushes, trees, grasses and groundcovers. These can be combined in many ways to produce unique, habitat-defining friendly landscapes.

Beautiful South Florida Landscaping Ideas

The sandy soil in areas with high salt concentration is found in South Florida landscaping ideas. The right type of bottom cover is crucial. For this type of condition, inkberry is recommended as the primary bottom cover. This slowly growing plant performs well in sand or clay soil and has a high salt tolerance. Then, due to the slow growth of this plant will add trees and shrubs to help fill in the landscape while the inkberry spreads. In addition to the pink and white flowers of inkberry, marlberry or wild cinnamon trees with spider lily accents, fill in the native look.

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Also, muhly grass is a type of native grass that has a high tolerance for salt, as needed in South Florida landscaping ideas. This grass has white autumn blooms. The grass reaches heights of two to five meters and a spread of about two to three meters. Muhly grass also has a high tolerance for both drafts and floods. An application for Muhly is like an edge around raised planters of golden rice. Then, for a nice contrast, you add swamp sunflower in the middle of the beds. All these plants tolerate draft and full Florida sun, which can destroy other non-native plants.Difficulty59b,

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